Why the LDI shock matters for DC schemes

By Why the LDI shock matters for DC schemes, Mar 13, 2023 2:13:52 PM

For those hiding under a rock, the LDI crisis arose from a reckless mini-budget - essentially unfunded tax cuts - which spooked...

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Bart Heenk

As Managing Director of Avida International, Bart Heenk heads Avida in the UK. Typical projects Bart gets involved in include organisational change and outsourcing strategies for complex investment and risk management activities. Previously, Bart performed several senior roles at Cardano, SEI, Citibank/Citigroup and Royal Dutch Shell. Bart is an econometrician by training and, outside of Avida, he lectures at various business schools and seminars. He has also been Trustee/vice-Chair for a Dutch charity and acts as a pro-bono treasury advisor to a charitable bank.

Contact Details

Location: London
Tel: +44 203 755 3419

Bart’s War Story

In the early 2000’s SEI wanted to expand their manager-of-managers business into continental Europe. As Managing Director for Northern Europe, I was given the responsibility to develop the business in the main European pensions markets outside the UK (Netherlands in particular)

I opened an office in the Netherlands and, with a couple of colleagues, built the business case for a different proposition tailored to what the market needed. We also worked on convincing the UK team to develop a more Europe-centric proposition, backed by better analytics, systems and reporting. After some initial successes, we were able to convince some of the forward-thinking US-based business leaders to back a more solutions-based approach. We developed marketing materials, regular thought leadership pieces and developed relationships with the major consultants who were most likely to support change and hence a ‘new kid on the block’.

Through all of this we: built the fastest growing business in SEI’s institutional business worldwide, gained the largest single client deal in SEI’s history, built the first profitable business outside the North-American Market. I am particularly proud of the fact that these achievements were made in the face of substantial adversity: scepticism and conservatism within SEI HQ, plus some personal adversity.

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