We help asset managers and their institutional clients extract maximum value out of their organisations.

Often our clients are internal asset management divisions of pension funds and insurance companies. In many cases these divisions are (partly) outsourced, depending on factors such as size, complexity and the availability of resources.

We are passionate in supporting our clients to achieve better business results: higher efficiency, higher client retention and satisfaction levels, higher growth through new offerings and new markets, better client interfaces and higher control of outsourced activities.


Some key Avida statistics:

Over 70 large institutional clients throughout Europe.

Client assets under management: over EURO 500 bn.

Conducted over 120 assessments of (fiduciary) asset managers/investment consultants covering a wide variety of bundled and unbundled client services solutions.

Successfully (re-)negotiated more than 30 long term partnerships between pension funds and their main external service providers.

Via our client retention (AICRM©) and investment governance tools (AIGS©), we regularly survey more than 250 Trustees, Investment Committee members and other pension professionals.