Investment Governance, Managing Customers, Managing Service Providers

for Institutional Service Providers




AVIDA in numbers



Conducted over 120 asset assessments



Over 70 large institutional clients
throughout Europe.


€1 trn

Client assets
under management

Avida's Core Values

Trust is of paramount importance in the financial industry, especially in our current economic climate. We build trust between asset owners and their service provider, and across the value train of an organisation. 

Integrity is something we highly value at Avida. We align our interests and values with our clients, by putting our clients first we help them achieve their goals and purposes. 

Transparency is fundamentally necessary to any organisation within the financial industry. Although conflicts of interest are sometimes inevitable, we strive to recognise our own and another organisation’s conflict of interest and are as honest as possible in this process. 

Dependability is core to our business practice. We will always walk the extra mile for clients and are only happy when the client is happy. With our unparalleled experience and insight, we offer a quality service like no other. We will only take on work if we are sure that we can offer a full, bespoke service to that client. 

Innovation is in our genes. We explore new frontiers in the pension and financial service provider industries. Being front runners, mistakes are sometimes inevitable, however, it is only through learning can we grow in our co-creation vision.