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ESG and the institutional investor

As an institutional investor, if you weren’t already interested in ESG, then the increasing glow of the
regulatory spotlight is surely getting you there. If that’s the case, you may find some the following
thoughts and suggestions to emerge from a recent client roundtable on the subject useful.


Is copying the successes of your competitors a valid growth strategy?

In theory at least, there are many ways to create and nurture a successful business. Perhaps the
most obvious is an approach based on innovation – the creation of a new product or service. Many
of us will think of Apple and its iPhone when considering this category.


Is there a conflict between business growth aspirations and what is in the client's best interest?

I know of few entrepreneurs whose ambition is it to preside over a declining or even stagnant
business. Having conceived an idea and then incubated it into existence, there can be few more
rewarding experiences for a business founder than to observe incremental clients buy into their
product or service offering.


Products incubated in the home market are the key to growing in international markets

We are in the risk business. As service providers we continually examine whether we are taking
appropriate levels of risk to secure the outcomes promised to clients or indeed in some cases if we
are taking any at all where we may be mandated not to do so.


Isn’t market growth just a case of allocating more resources to it?

Oh no, it’s November! It’s that time of year again when organisations are positioning for market growth in the twelve months ahead. Their preparations will result in one of the following formulated outcomes:

    • A poor plan well executed
    • A poor plan poorly executed
    • A good plan well executed