Have you thought about the quality of your investment governance?

Bart Heenk, Mar 1, 2022 2:54:27 PM

Since our start in 2006, we have been helping over 100 pension funds throughout Europe to improve their investment organisations, and for them to run more like a business. This means pension funds having a clear business strategy which is implemented well, having somebody in charge, and with well-defined roles and responsibilities that are adhered to. If all these aspects are thought about and implemented, then the fund has the best chance of achieving its overall objective- namely paying members their pension! 

How we have helped our clients 

We at Avida can help your pension fund achieve its objectives and think more critically about their investment governance. We have 4 pillars to our investment services- namely: 

1). Using our tools and database for benchmarking and analytics, you can benchmark the quality of your investment organisation (whether in-house or outsourced). This can be done internally. 

2). Run a comprehensive benchmarking exercise to do an in-depth assessment of the quality of your investment organisation, including your main external advisers. 

3). Help design a bespoke implementation plan to close the gaps highlighted by the benchmarking exercise. 

4). Help implement the changes or provide assistance through coaching and training. 

We have also recently recorded a podcast on Investment Governance which you can check out below: 

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