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Avida International was founded in 2006 as the independent specialist to support providers of investment management services and their institutional clients in getting the best out of their organisations.

Independent, competent, experienced.

Themes for Financial Service Providers:
Enter - Grow - Retain

We are passionate about supporting our clients to achieve better business results: higher efficiency, higher client retention and satisfaction levels, higher growth through new offerings and new markets, and better client interfaces.

Themes Database subsciptions Standard market intel Tailored advice Tailored implementation support
Enter EU Pension database

Annual market intel

Deep dives into single countries

Advice on entering new markets
(e.g. organic, partnering or through M&A)

Support in entering new markets (e.g. M&A)

Grow Contact database Exelerating

Various asset classes

"Voice of the customer"

Advice on growing existing markets
(e.g. flag ship product analysis)

Support in growing existing markets
(e.g. tender coach)

Retain AICRM tooling

Subscription annual client retention monitoring

Advice on  improving
client retention
(overall and per client)

Coaching on
client retention 



AVIDA in numbers



Conducted over 120 asset



Over 70 large institutional clients
throughout Europe.


€1 trn

Client assets
under management

Avida For

Financial Service Providers

Avida International helps asset managers extract maximum value out of their organisations.

What we can do for you
Avida For

Institutional Asset Owners

Avida International helps asset managers extract maximum value out of their organisations.

What we can do for you

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