Why the LDI shock matters for DC schemes

By Why the LDI shock matters for DC schemes, Mar 13, 2023 2:13:52 PM

For those hiding under a rock, the LDI crisis arose from a reckless mini-budget - essentially unfunded tax cuts - which spooked...

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Patrick Woods

As Head of Commercial Development, Patrick Woods is responsible for managing the implementation of all strategic business development initiatives on behalf of the prospects and clients of Avida. Having commenced his career lecturing in Economics at the Dundalk Institute of Technology Business School, Patrick joined Standard Life’s Irish investment team in Edinburgh in the mid-1990s, initially as Economist and Equities analyst. Over the subsequent decade, he went on to manage multi-asset portfolios joining the organisation’s global asset allocation committee. Following this, Patrick was tasked with establishing the organisation in Europe. He achieved considerable success, with the firm becoming a leading asset manager in the Dutch institutional marketplace. More recently, he was responsible for the management and development of key relationships incorporating clients in North America and Scandinavia.

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Location: Edinburgh
Tel: +44 203 755 3419

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I am a member of a management consultancy focused on the financial industry. I ...


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