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Sally Bridgeland guest panel speaker at NEDonBoard Panel: Corporate Governance Code

28 January 2020 - Sally Bridgeland was a guest panel speaker at the NEDonBoard Panel: Corporate Governance Code.


Bart Heenk speaks at CIPFA Pensions Annual Conference 2019

13 November 2019 – Bart Heenk spoke at this year's annual CIPFA Pensions Conference on the topic of “Growing your business starts with good governance”. To see his presentation please click here


Sally Bridgeland co-speaker at Institutional Investor Summit UK & Ireland

20-21 June 2019 – Sally Bridgeland was a co-speaker at this event, on the topic of “Is more governance good governance?”


Transparency – what have we achieved?

Bart Heenk comments in this blog on Mallowstreet by Sandra Wolf. Please note access is restricted to Mallowstreet members only.


Kommentar: Governance im Neuen Sozialpartnermodell – Lessons from Behavioural Finance

Dorothee Franzen comments on governance under the new social partner model in I&PE.


Dorothee Franzen speaks at the Pinbox Washington DC Roundtable 2017

12 October 2017 – Dorothee Franzen spoke on Governance in the ‘Delivering Optimum Retirement Outcomes’ stream at this conference focused on ‘Saving the Next Billion from Old Age Poverty: Global Lessons for Local Action’


Avida hosts roundtable on ‘The Dynamic Executive Team vs. The Trustee Board’

8 June 2017 – On some occasions the trustee board of a pension fund is bigger than the executive team, leading to more ‘managers’ than ‘doers’. At our most recent breakfast roundtable we considered what the right mix might be and how the governance model should work.

If you are a senior pension fund director/trustee interested in attending our roundtables in future please contact


Paul Boerboom acts as commentator at Allianz-Oxford Pensions Conference

29-30 September 2016 – Paul Boerboom acted as commentator on the ‘New models of pension fund governance’ session at the 2016 Allianz-Oxford Pensions conference.


Trustees must be willing to tackle ‘big, difficult decisions’ – The 300 Club

By Susanna Rust on IPE, 10 May 2016

European pension funds need to make a “fundamental” behavioural and cultural shift to close “a yawning gap between the rhetoric of governance improvements of recent years and their reality on the ground”, according to a paper from The 300 Club, a group of investment professionals seeking to challenge mainstream investment practice and thinking.

Read the full article on IPE.


Are we where we need to be on governance?

By Helen Morrissey on Professional Pensions, 9 May 2016 

An interesting article on Professional Pensions (please note: the article is available after logging in on Professional Pensions).


Sally Bridgeland looks at how maturing pension funds can rework investment governance in I&PE

Sally Bridgeland: “Looking beyond the UK may provide lessons on how maturing pension funds can rework investment governance.”

Rembrandt’s self-portraits show an honest, unflattering, self-awareness as he aged. At a recent discussion event in London, large and maturity UK pension funds were candid in challenging their limitations and knowing their weaknesses. While UK pension funds still have long-term time horizons, these will diminish and will have a bearing on whether it is worthwhile establishing in-house resources to manage long-term illiquid investments.

Read the full article at I&PE.


Bart Heenk comments on misalignment of interests in pension fund governance in I&PE

The UK is a divided market for pension funds and while many argue it is well-regulated, others say it is overtly restrictive. In truth, both sides are right. The regulations put in place since Pensions Act 1995, the regulatory response to fraud at the Mirror Group pension fund following the death of Robert Maxwell in 1991, have succeeded in adverting further scandals but have arguable hastened the demise of defined benefit (DB) schemes.

To read the full article visit I&PE.