Staycation Observation

18 August 2020 Posted by: Patrick Woods Posted In: client retention


During the past two weeks I enjoyed one of the experiences we have COVID to “thank” for – a staycation. Mine involved a mixture of enjoying the (occasionally) nice Scottish weather, playing a bit of tennis (badly) and considerable walking of my sometimes uncooperative dog. All of this and more within a 20km radius of my home in Fife.

I was taken with by how much evidence there was on display of our ability to get used to significant change. How for example many of us seem to have adapted relatively easily to life behind face masks. Embracing the abnormal? The new normal? Call it what you like, it’s reality.

I was especially intrigued and impressed by how much business creativity and ingenuity there is all around us. Government-inspired discount schemes in restaurants that can only be accessed via prior reservations. A huge outdoor children's adventure play-park that admits one group of kids plus parents in the morning, closes at lunchtime for a one-hour total clean and re-opens in the afternoon for an entirely separate cohort of families. Discreet one-way systems everywhere with clear, family-friendly signage focused on fun facilitation whilst keeping people safe.

Now that I have returned to enjoy another of COVID’s wonderful gifts, working from home, I find myself reflecting on what reality will look like by the time my next staycation comes around. What other business models, hitherto seen as sacrosanct, will have been successfully reinvented?




It reminded me of something I found fascinating that emerged from one of our recent webinars, featuring Martin Reeves . If you have a minute to spare take a look, paying particular attention to the examples he provides. Then tell yourself it’s impossible to imagine how one might successfully reinvent an established business model. 


Watch Martin Reeves' full presentation here.    


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