How should we invest in our planet?

We at Avida welcome you to our upcoming Webinar on Climate Change Investing. The recent IPCC report was crystal clear: we can still avoid the worst of the climate crisis if we act within a narrow window. With this in mind, investors will need to reconsider their investment portfolios, focusing even more urgently on those areas which yield the highest impact.

The webinar will be the first in a series and will look into the different areas of Climate Investing. Some of the most interesting areas include hydrogen, nuclear energy, clean fossil fuels, solar, wind, biomass. The webinar will look into the viability of these alternatives through the eyes of industry practitioners such as Stéphane Lamoine, CEO of Beam Earth, and large investors such as PGGM.

Each alternative solution has both positives and negatives, therefore understanding the main issues surrounding each solution is vital in making an educated opinion.

We look forward to welcoming you at this interesting and informative webinar!





16th of September



Climate Change Investing

Hydrogen, nuclear energy, clean fossil fuels, solar, wind, biomass or something else?

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Leading experts in Climate Change Investing


Stéphane Lamoine

CEO Beam Earth

Stéphane Lamoine co-founded Beam Earth in 2015. He was also instrumental in creating SLU in 2018. With over 30 years of experience in natural resources and green disruptive technologies, he is an expert in the area of Climate investing.


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Paul Boerboom

Founding Partner, Avida International

 Paul Boerboom is the founding partner of Avida International, with extensive experience in investment consulting. He has also previously worked in the renewable energy, gas and power sectors and therefore has much experience in these areas. 


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Chris Limbach

Managing Director Investments PGGM

Chris Limbach started his career as a trader at Optiver, a Dutch proprietary trading firm. He then moved to PGGM, a Dutch pension manager which manages € 200bn in assests for 6 pension funds. Chris is responsible for the Strategic Allocation advice and Fiduciary Advice which covers the implementation and monitoring of the clients’ investment policies.


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Steffen Hörter

Head of ESG of Munich Re Investment Partners GmbH

Steffen Hörter has 22 years of asset management experience thereof more than 10 years with focus on sustainable investing. He joined Munich Re Investment Partners in March 2021 to lead ESG investment research and strategy development. Prior to Munich Re, Steffen worked five years as Global Head of ESG for a leading international Asset Manager. In an earlier role, as partner of an investment consulting firm, Steffen built the ESG Client Advisory desk with focus on European corporate and public pension funds.
Between 2018 and 2020, Steffen was a member of the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance contributing to build minimum standards for EU Climate Transition and Paris Aligned investment benchmarks.




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Climate Change webinar


A webinar which looks into Climate Change Investing.

We have a selection of experts and key panelists who will provide important insight into investing in our planet.