How to grow your business in Europe’s main pension markets

For asset management service providers the European landscape can look very appealing. Large, developed and wealthy economies with relatively high savings ratios provide ample incentive for investing in resource to achieve success. However, the risk can be that insufficient time and resource is applied to really understanding the varying complexities of these markets prior to establishing offices and employing people there.

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How we can help you

Realising opportunities and mitigating risk

This is where Avida International can help. For almost two decades we have been building an extensive proprietary database providing the basis for our Europe-wide and country-specific market intelligence reports. Our clients have told us that the top-down market insights derived from this high quality, up-to-date market intelligence have been a key factor in their success. Recently, we have built further on our market intelligence capability. In partnership with Excelerating, we are making detailed up-to-date analytics on asset owners available to our clients. Customers now have at their disposal a powerful combination of top-down and bottom-up market intelligence. This is a compelling proposition for asset management service providers, providing them with a uniquely comprehensive picture of the European asset landscape. Quality data in a practical, usable form.

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How we can help you

A suite of tools

& consulting services to help you

Market Data

Market Data

Most institutional markets are not very transparent. With its deep knowledge of institutional markets, the Avida analysts have build databases, which enable you to analyse the business potential of the largest product categories for Europe’s largest markets. This market data is available from a top-down and bottom-up perspective For the main markets we have mapped the most important contacts.

Intelligence Reports

Intelligence Reports

Annually we take deep dives into Europe’s most important markets and make important “AuM” data available on an asset class basis. Furthermore, we conduct single asset class studies with an assessment of the market potential per country, and insights into overall market trends, the regulatory framework and client demands (“voice of the customer”).

Consultancy Advice

Consultancy and Coaching

Given our in-depth market knowledge, we can tailor our advice to your specific situation. This entails identifying the market potential of your investment products and solutions, evaluating flagship products, commercial positioning (incl. wrapper, pricing) & USP’s. Furthermore, we advise on strategic positioning and branding strategies, go-to-market strategies, and the identification of potential clients and where possible, key clients.



Our experienced team of advisors is available to support your business growth, by helping you with the implementation of your (ESG) strategies. We can also connect you to other interesting parties.

SERVICES . Market data

Market data to help you make informed decisions

Over the years Avida has build in depth market data on both a macro and micro level.

European Pension Database

Our EU pension database consists of reliable data on the top 9 institutional pension markets in Europe, including Benelux, Nordics, Germany, France and Switzerland

Who's it for

Asset managers, investment consultants and fiduciary managers with an ambition to grow their business in the EU and the UK.

What is included

  • Top-down AUM and asset allocations pension institutions by size cluster, sector and country

Exelerating Market intelligence

Through our partnership with Exelerating we provide detailed intelligence on end customer key contacts.

Who's it for

Asset managers, investment consultants and fiduciary managers with an ambition to grow their business in the EU and the UK.

What is included

  • Bottom-up contact data on the most important pension funds and intermediaries
  • Deepest market coverage in the Netherlands and the UK
  • For up to 10 users

SERVICES . intelligence reports

Market intelligence to help you grow your business

Based on our data and deep knowledge of the institutional markets we provide market intelligence reports client demands for most investment products and services.


European Pension Market Study

Includes a webinar with our specialists

An annual overview of market size and revenue opportunity in the main European pension markets, including all major asset classes, analysed from the perspective of an asset manager who wants to understand the potential demand for their products.

  • Designed for asset managers and consultants
  • Insights into which markets or market segments to target in order to grow revenues outside of their home market.
  • Country-by-country studies incorporate the UK, the Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Nordics.

Individual market intelligence reports

Includes a webinar with our specialists

Not all markets are as transparent as the UK or Dutch pension fund markets. Because we understand the challenge this represents, Avida produces detailed studies of promising market segments, that are updated annually. Examples include

  1. The German pension fund market, a notoriously opaque market which is widely underestimated and misunderstood.
  2. The market for green thematic investments
  3. The family office market in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  4. The market for real estate in the Netherlands

These studies are specifically designed for asset managers who wish to enter a new market or grow their business in a particular segment.


Get the most from your subscription with the help of our consulting services

We know that data and the information that flows from it, cannot of itself be depended upon to deliver success. Rather the critical element is what you do with it.

At Avida International we put our people at our clients’ disposal. Our team of very experienced, high calibre industry practitioners are on the ground across Europe to help clients both plan and implement distribution strategies that bring together the asset managers most relevant in-house competencies matched to opportunities in chosen markets.

We offer two types of consulting services:

  1. Advice - We rework your sales materials to maximise their impact with clients
  2. Coaching - We enhance the effectiveness of your sales teams by simulating client pitches


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