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Avida International was founded in 2006 as the independent specialist to support providers of investment management services and their institutional clients in getting the best out of their organisations.

Independent, competent, experienced.

Avida International - improving investment organisations

We are passionate about supporting our clients to achieve better business results: more streamlined governance, higher efficiency, and higher control of outsourced activities.

Strategic growth projects:
  • M&A (pension funds, investment teams)
  • Multinational pension fund strategies
  • Multi-client strategies
  • Strategic partnering/outsourcing


Assessment investment services:
  • Strategic Advisory
  • (Delegated) CIO, fiduciary manager
  • Dynamic risk overlay
  • Portfolio team liquids and illiquids
  • Custody
Investment governance reviews:
  • Annual assessment through AIGS©
  • Continuous improvement programme at all levels (e.g. trustee & IC coaching, investment office, suppliers)
Knowledge management:
  • Access to international peers and top academic researchers
  • Cost-benefit analysis of various investment governance models



AVIDA in numbers



Conducted over 120 asset



Over 70 large institutional clients
throughout Europe.


€1 trn

Client assets
under management

Avida For

Financial Service Providers

Avida International helps asset managers extract maximum value out of their organisations.

What we can do for you
Avida For

Institutional Asset Owners

Avida International helps asset managers extract maximum value out of their organisations.

What we can do for you

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