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Avida for Institutional Asset Owners

Avida International was founded in 2006. We are independent specialists in investment governance and client servicing. To date, we have advised over 70 major pension funds and institutional clients. Avida's team is a unique combination of high calibre and seasoned professionals, all of whom have leadership and operational experience in the asset management, pensions and insurance industries. Our multi-disciplinary approach is best practice-based and - through advice and implementation - we help institutional asset owners extract maximum value out of their organisations and relationships.

Some key Avida statistics: 

- Over 70 large institutional clients throughout Europe. 

- Client assets under management: over EURO 500 bn. 

- Conducted over 120 assessments of (fiduciary) asset managers/investments consultants covering a wide variety of bundled and unbundled client service solutions. 

- Successfully (re-)negotiated more than 30 long term partnerships between pension funds and their main external service providers.

- We regularly survey more than 250 Trustees, Investment Committee members and other pension professionals.


Pension Executive Resource eXchange

The Avida PERX community is a central platform for dealing with common issues, such as designing ESG reporting.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we encourage asset owners to work together with other members of the Avida PERX community on joint projects to co-create better solutions where all will benefit.

The community will be able draw on individuals who have previously tackled these projects and can therefore ‘put pen to paper’. Should such individuals within the community not be available when required, Avida International can help bridge any potential gap with its extensive network of experts.


AVIDA in numbers



Conducted over 120 asset assessments



Over 70 large institutional clients
throughout Europe.


€1 trn

Client assets
under management