Avida’s core services consist of advice, interim management and coaching with the objective of enhancing the performance and quality of our clients’ organisations.

Furthermore we have developed a number of highly customisable management tools which enable our clients to monitor and improve the quality of their client interfaces.

In delivering our services we take a holistic view, considering all aspects from the board room to the operational level and covering the entire value chain of investment processes: ALM, strategic and dynamic asset allocation, manager and fund selection for liquid and illiquid asset classes, custody and operations, reporting and ESG.

Our focus is on generating concrete results for our clients, e.g.:
* Higher client retention rates for multi-client organisations.
* Focused growth: single product, multi-asset class and integrated (fiduciary) services.
* More efficient investment and client servicing processes against peers.
* Higher scale and lower costs.

We have a strong track record in the following areas:

Client Retention Management

* Annual assessment of client retention levels through the AICRM© tool.
* Client relationship improvement programmes.

Investment Governance Optimisation

* Annual reviews of internal investment divisions and external providers through the AIGS© governance scorecard.
* Governance and organisation improvement programmes.
* Cost-benefit analysis of investment governance models.
* In/outsourcing advice for pension funds (e.g. fiduciary investment solutions). Do we need fiduciary management? Do we have the right investment adviser?)

Strategic and Commercial growth projects

* Strategic partnering and M&A.
* Multi-client and multi-country growth strategies.

Knowledge Management

Annually we produce:
* A European market study on fiduciary management.
* Single country and profitability studies for the largest European pension and insurance markets (Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany).

Crisis Management

* Board/Committee workshops.
* Coaching.
* Planning, preparation and practice.

Delegation Framework Design

* Design a Framework to delegate the execution of the investment strategy to the executive team, including a limit and control framework, and reviewing the skills and competencies of the executive function to enable delegation.
* Identify gaps between existing situation and best practice design, and make recommendations for improvement.
* Review the governance to support the delegation, and to ensure decision-making in Board of Trustees and/or Investment Committees focuses on strategy and approval of the delegation framework.
* Review the documentation and terms of reference of the Board, sub-committees and the executive team to support the delegation framework.
* Review the roles and responsibilities within the executive team to reflect the new accountabilities within the delegation framework.
* Review the role of the advisers within the new governance structure.

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