Many providers of asset management services are interested in getting a deeper understanding of pensions and insurance markets in Europe and wish to assess the business potential of these markets for their products and services.

The Dutch market is one of the largest in the world with over EURO 1,3 bn in assets under management (estimate, ultimo 2015)

Client request:
This German investment consultant was keen to enter the Dutch pension funds and insurance market.

Our approach:
• Market analysis of the Dutch institutional pension funds market.
• Assessment of quality capabilities (risk overlay, hedge funds and private equity).
• Support in focused go-to-market strategy.
• Sharing of contacts with relevant prospects.
• Providing client information and support in dry runs.
• Providing information on regulatory requirements.

Results for the client:
• Over two meetings per month during first six months with larger pension funds and fiduciary providers.
• Closed first deal after six months and a number of site visits.