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Sally Bridgeland leads discussion at UK and Ireland Summit 2018

14-15 June 2018 – Sally Bridgeland led a discussion on the use of factor investing on the first day of this summit.


Dorothee Franzen attends 11. Villa Mumm Konferenz

14 September 2017 – Dorothee Franzen attended the 11. Villa Mumm Konferenz: Investmentperspektiven und aktuelle Trends in der betrieblichen Zukunftsvorsorge


Top 400: Market forces – coming together

Pension funds are consolidating. Bart Heenk considers the consequences for investment managers in I&PE.


Dorothee Franzen participates in the Annual Conference of the German Association for Occupational Pensions

10-11 May 2017 – Dorothee Franzen participated in this annual conference in Berlin.


Sally Bridgeland panellist at Institutional Investor European Pensions Symposium

1-3 February 2017 – Sally Bridgeland was a panellist at the Institutional Investor European Pensions Symposium focused on ‘Meeting long-term liabilities in an age of unpredictability‘.


Dorothee Franzen panellist at the OPTrust Global Pension Leadership Summit

13-15 November 2016 – Dorothee Franzen was a panellist on the ‘Collaboration in theory and practice session’ at the OpTrust Global Pension Leadership Summit.


Avida International hosts ‘crisis management for pension funds’ seminar

13 October 2016 – Avida International celebrated it’s 10th anniversary with a London-based seminar on crisis management for pension funds. The keynote speaker was General Sir Richard Shirreff, Deputy Supreme Commander of NATO Europe 2010-2014 who talked about how the military deal with crisis management. He was joined by Martin Reeves, Senior Partner and Managing Director at the Boston Consulting Group’s New York office, and Director of the BCG Henderson Institute, who looked at adapting strategy to a changing landscape; Paul Boerboom and Sally Bridgeland of Avida International who gave practical examples of risk management and the lessons that can be learnt by the pensions industry; and Bart Heenk also of Avida International who talked about the importance of repeated practice and thorough preparation.  The day was chaired by Professor Gordon Clark, Avida International Advisory Board member and Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford.

A brief summary of the day can be found here.


Impressie van ‘Vertrouwen in onzekere tijden’

Het 10-jarig jubileum van Avida stond in het teken van het seminar ‘vertrouwen in onzekere tijden’ dat op 1 juni plaatsvond  in Wassenaar. Hierbij een korte impressie van deze geanimeerde bijeenkomst.


Sally Bridgeland speaks at Allianz-Oxford Pensions Conference 2015

1-2 October 2015 – Sally Bridgeland was one of the speakers at the Allianz-Oxford Pensions Conference 2015.

Beyond the mid-life crisis: Challenges for plan sponsors and trustees in the UK as DB pension funds mature.