Avida hosts: Pooling risk management resources

28 March 2019 Posted by: Stephanie Windsor Posted In: Events, Avida International, Risk Management

26 March 2019 – Everyone understands the importance of good risk management, including the regulator. Developing risk assessments, having a solid risk policy and a governance framework around risk management are crucial for good member outcomes. But how does a pension fund attract top risk managers? Avida has frequently been asked these questions by our pension fund clients. Until now we never had an adequate answer. We now think that pooling risk management resources with other pension funds may be the way forward for those funds not able to employ a full-time chief risk officer. At this breakfast roundtable our specialists explored the pros and cons of sharing risk management resources with fellow pension funds and led a roundtable discussion.  If you are a senior pension fund representative interested in attending our roundtables in future please contact stephaniewindsor@avida-int.com.