Asset managers, investment consultants and fiduciary managers often offer complex solutions to their clients, including a combination of advisory and discretionary asset management competencies. This particularly applies to internal asset management divisions of pension funds and insurance companies.

They are long term partners, who need a deep understanding of changing client and Trustee requirements. Mutual trust plays an important role. In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 the trust in these service providers has deteriorated.

For this reason we have developed the Avida International Institutional Client Retention Monitor (“AICRM”) and the Investment Governance Scorecard (“AIGS”). These tools enable asset management divisions, service providers and their clients to continuously measure the effectiveness of their mutual relationships and pro-actively anticipate changing client needs.

In AICRM© and AIGS© we integrate four perspectives:
• Perception of quantitative results.
• Effectiveness of governance and alignment.
• Relationships and communication.
• Innovation, adaptiveness and thought leadership.

For each perspective we benchmark the position relative to industry standards.

Deliverables for the service providers:
• Improved client retention and satisfaction rates.
• Continuous learning led by client feedback and peer group positioning.
• Pro-active anticipation of changing client needs.
• Pro-active avoidance of costly problems.

Deliverables for the institutional investors:
• Best use of service providers.
• Higher level of control.
• Higher market conformity of contractual arrangements.
• Pro-active avoidance of costly problems.