Are my crisis management processes as robust as they could be? Investors and Pension Funds can learn much from the military’s approach to risk and crisis management

17 March 2020 Posted by: Patrick Woods Posted In: Risk management, Crisis management


The current Covid-19 outbreak is sure to exert huge strain on many organisations globally.

Military commanders are very familiar with encountering such stresses. They regularly face ambiguous and
fast-moving circumstances, which can change in rapid and unexpected ways. So, what if anything,
can investors and pension funds learn from the military’s approach to risk and crisis management?

Recently, my Avida colleagues began addressing this question by considering how an organisation
rates against the following criteria:
- Is it adequately taking account of the requirements of all its stakeholders?
- How well does it understand the environment in which it is operating?
- Can it call upon appropriate leadership in times of crisis?
- Can it be certain that all crisis management plans and strategies have been sufficiently

Then, they set out their thoughts in a very interesting piece that can be found by following this link.

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