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How can you help your clients right now?

For the “people persons” amongst us, this is an incredibly unsettling time professionally. Deprived of
our familiar office environments and cut off from our blood supply of face-to-face customer
meetings we are certainly operating out of our comfort zone. So, what useful advice might we draw
upon that could benefit both our customers and in so doing give ourselves a lift?

Here are some suggestions from conversations I have had recently with customers that you may find


Heard in the supermarket

One of the more lighter-hearted moments I have experienced during the current crisis was on a visit
to my local supermarket when I overheard a teenager comment to a group of her school friends,
“Did people not actually wash their hands until now?”

It set me thinking to what extent the COVID-19 crisis might result in some of the “temporary
behavioural changes we have seen become permanent.


Laboratory Planet Earth

We can be sure that laboratories around the world will be busy now as never before. With the
pressure on to test and retest not to mention the hunt for an effective COVID-19 vaccine, those
filling these buildings will be busy experimenting and innovating. But then that’s what we expect of
laboratories, so we can be comfortable they will do it well.


How can my organisation make a useful contribution to clients during this period of unprecedented major disruption?


At the risk of stating the obvious we are all experiencing a level of disruption to our
personal and business lives the like of which few if any of us will ever have encountered.
Understandably uppermost on our minds will be concerns as to whether we are doing all
in our power to keep ourselves and those closest to us safe. In parallel, we need to be
concerned about our organisational well-being – are we adhering to the complex
checklist of items that require attending to in this time of crisis?


Given the coronavirus epidemic, what can pension scheme executives and trustees do to contain the impact on their stakeholders?

The recent coronavirus epidemic has led to travel restrictions, some companies instructing their staff to work from home and to severe market dislocations. What can pension scheme executives and trustees do to contain the impact on their stakeholders?

Avida International has put together a brief list of thoughts that you may find helpful in dealing with this crisis.  


Are my crisis management processes as robust as they could be? Investors and Pension Funds can learn much from the military’s approach to risk and crisis management

The current Covid-19 outbreak is sure to exert huge strain on many organisations globally.

Military commanders are very familiar with encountering such stresses. They regularly face ambiguous and
fast-moving circumstances, which can change in rapid and unexpected ways. So, what if anything,
can investors and pension funds learn from the military’s approach to risk and crisis management?